What an excellent article. Years ago, I competed on the most successful college track team in US history. In three years we won three triple crowns. Not one of those was anywhere near achievable without the best effort of *every* individual. If one person fell down usually someone unexpected stood up and bridged the gap for us.  My greatest passion in life and work is seeing people understand this aspect of success. There may be occasional moments where one is so strong and so competent as to field a team of one, but it’s always so fleeting you barely notice when you’ve stumbled again.Read More →

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac – Get it before the rest!. I’m not one to shamelessly plug a product. Well okay maybe I’m shameless. I personally find Parallels on MacOS X a great product with fantastic hardware emulation options. I’m a heavy user of VM products, having tried Xen, VirtualBox, Virtual PC, VMWare Fusion, VMWare desktop, etc… I find the Parallels desktop product and excellent confluence of performance and features. I’ll update this post with details once I’ve given Parallels Desktop 7 a test run. Key reason I’m updating? You can now legally run MacOS X 10.7 Desktop and Server VMs on MacOSX! Stay tuned, or goRead More →

SSDs harder to manage than many think, Kroll Ontrack says – Page 1 – Enterprise Infrastructure. This in very interesting development. I have been wondering where SSDs were going to rank in terms of ease-of-recovery if data corruption issue popped up. This little tibdit worries me even more though: “This includes some sort of data loss, device malfunction, human error such as accidental deletion or system area corruption,” said Troy Hegr, Ontrack Data Recovery technology manager at Kroll Ontrack. System area corruption accounts for 60 per cent of SSD/Flash data loss, he added, and includes component failures, a corrupted mapping table or a variety of fireware tableRead More →

TidBITS Macs & Mac OS X: Preparing for Lion: Find Your PowerPC Applications. A very useful read for those going to MacOS Lion. I am looking at doing so shortly…there are many new features I’m looking to take advantage of, and as a power user I need to carefully consider my workflow. Pros as I have seen them: 64 Bit Intel from top to bottom – a nebulous concern for even the technically minded. This is a benefit to anyone running processor intensive applications. My Geekbench system benchmarks have jumped between 500 and 1500 points just moving to LION on a MacPro5,3. Better VM PerformanceRead More →

After 8 years with Bell ADSL Internet, covering two street addresses, I’ve moved on to Teksavvy cable. So far the cable installation was very quick, and the new modem is excellent. Before my Bell line goes dark in January I wanted to test the side by side speeds in case I had any doubts about the changeover. Ovwr the years I have found Bell to be less and less reliable on uptime, access to customer service, and request for explanation about outages or service issues. It’s one thing to find your service dead or degraded, but yet another to have no answer – ever. IfRead More →

Go get it! Lots of interesting goodies, but my personal faves from the developer previews: 1) Airplay – can’t wait to take this for a spin. Thanks to Mr. Decourcy. 2) Airprint…especially if you perform the MacOS modifications that allow you to print to ANY shared MacOS printer. Works like a charm, and also super useful. 3) Mobile me “lite” – Apple has launched the Find my iPhone service as a free option. I dumped Mobile me after six years of dedicated use to move to Google services just for that option. I now pay 50.00 per year per user for the Google hosted/AppsRead More →