Moving on…to a new ISP!

After 8 years with Bell ADSL Internet, covering two street addresses, I’ve moved on to Teksavvy cable. So far the cable installation was very quick, and the new modem is excellent. Before my Bell line goes dark in January I wanted to test the side by side speeds in case I had any doubts about the changeover.

Bell ADSL Speed test
Teksavvy Cable Speed test

Ovwr the years I have found Bell to be less and less reliable on uptime, access to customer service, and request for explanation about outages or service issues. It’s one thing to find your service dead or degraded, but yet another to have no answer – ever. If you fail to pay your bill, you will hear from them. What if you lose access for three days or your phone line is down? Good luck getting an answer. As with all important services I find a little feedback both helpful and reassuring. It also helps thy I work in IT and understand what good customer service might look like. That was not it.

I bet the issues will be solved in 12 months once Bell gets organized. I know far too many Bell customers jumping ship to streaming movies and TV services. Ergo the connection speed and reliability becomes important.

So far so very good!