Go get it! http://osxdaily.com/2010/11/22/ios-4-2-direct-download/ Lots of interesting goodies, but my personal faves from the developer previews: 1) Airplay – can’t wait to take this for a spin. Thanks to Mr. Decourcy. 2) Airprint…especially if you perform the MacOS modifications that allow you to print to ANY shared MacOS printer. Works like a charm, and also super useful. 3) Mobile me “lite” – Apple has launched the Find my iPhone service as a free option. I dumped Mobile me after six years of dedicated use to move to Google services just for that option. I now pay 50.00 per year per user for the Google hosted/AppsRead More →

I sometimes advise business on the nature of Social Media (as I call it, S&M), and what kinds of risks and benefits there are to engaging customers through social means. It’s often we see the infinite benefits pointed out. What about the downside? I saw an excellent example via The Toronto Star’s “My Name is URL” segment that appears every sunday in the print and online versions. I find this segment one of my favourite items to read. I think it’s funny to say I get my random internet news from the paper. It’s the last item: “And in case you missed it…” My NameRead More →