Are SSDs a bigger risk for data recovery?

SSDs harder to manage than many think, Kroll Ontrack says – Page 1 – Enterprise Infrastructure.

This in very interesting development. I have been wondering where SSDs were going to rank in terms of ease-of-recovery if data corruption issue popped up. This little tibdit worries me even more though:

“This includes some sort of data loss, device malfunction, human error such as accidental deletion or system area corruption,” said Troy Hegr, Ontrack Data Recovery technology manager at Kroll Ontrack.

System area corruption accounts for 60 per cent of SSD/Flash data loss, he added, and includes component failures, a corrupted mapping table or a variety of fireware table issues that shut the device off and make the data inaccessible.

The data recovery firm also found that about 75 per of respondents consider the recovery of data from SSD/Flash memory to be “complicated,” with 21 per cent calling it “nearly impossible.”

Consider this as part of the risk of using SSDs more, but I’d really watch that “nearly impossible” comment closely. 21 percent of respondents is a large number when considering risk of data loss.