I’m testing my new site engine…yes it’s wordpress but it does some very interesting things. I may even post about them in future – not to burded the world with more dry WordPress diatribe, but customizable CMSs were still a big deal only 5 years ago.

I’ve tested native installs of Drupal, Joomla, Mambo CMS (before it forked and became Joomla), WordPress on Linux, WordPress on MacOS X, etc…I have come to know and love WordPress for it’s stability, exportability, portability, and recoverability. There, that was a mouthful.

In general terms you can build a large site, and move it wherever you like, and if it breaks, it’s easy to rebuild it. And things *do* break when one likes to test a lot.

In the meantime, check out a few links I had from my old, and very stale placeholder site from before. This is my professional site, but work has to be about fun too. I found these two tidbits ages ago. Carl Sagan and Windows 7 are two appropriate topics.

Carl Sagan does Kanye West.

Windows 7? It’s great, it’s bleeping great.